6 Illegal Cocktails Banned in the U.S. and the United Kingdom

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  • rspear2000.247f posted 10 months ago

    This makes no sense. You can get 200 proof, which is a high as you can get. So why are these, slightly weaker, cocktails banned?

  • Jo_fisch@culinary.edu posted 2 years ago

    One comment about the Vaportini mention. Since alcohol can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream without being digested, we absorb as much as 5% of the total absorbed in our mouth and esophagus. 20% is absorbed in the stomach and 75% in the small intestine. The liver metabolizes alcohol already in the bloodstream.

    Admittedly, inhaling the vapor leads to *much* higher absorption, but we do get a bit of the buzz before the booze hits your belly.

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