Is the Baijiu Hype Really All That?

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  • m-hobart-40373b posted 3 months ago

    Vinn Distillery out of Wilsonville, Oregon makes a delicious Baijiu that is great straight up and they have some very tasty cocktails made with it. It makes a awesome Bloody Mary. It doesn't hurt that the family who run the distillery are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.

  • notfairaolcom332797391 posted 3 months ago

    I kind of got a taste for it when I visited China 10 years ago.

  • jackschmdt.0ab00 posted 3 months ago

    During WWII, my father, Col. Graham E. Schmidt, was stationed in South West China, with the 54th Chinese Army (Nationalist). He remembered and passed on to me a profound respect for what he and the others he served with called BYE-GAR. or Mou-Tai. I'm guessing it's the same spirit. And it's really rough! They used it in their Zippo lighters, as well as drank it!

  • Mattwm posted 3 months ago

    My American palate doesn't like bugs either, doesn't mean that's a bad thing.

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