Armagnac: Fall’s Need-to-Know Spirit

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  • delacub.7572 posted 5 months ago

    I have always thought of Armagnac as a reverse Cognac. When you sip Cognac, you get a bite/burn, as you get it to the back of your tongue you get a rush of flavors, and as you swallow you get a bit of a bite/burn again. With Armagnac (For me anyway) you get the main flavor profile, as it bathes the back of your tongue, you get a rush of bite/burn, and when swallowed you get the aromatic undernotes and layers described above. I have used several Armagnacs over the years to make Cherries Armagnac Ice Cream. XO Armagnac with a touch of Kirsch and a giant black cherry is my go to Manhattan alternative.

  • davekristopeitcom799690444 posted 5 months ago

    I love Armagnac but I can't find too many varieties in my hometown of Racine, WI. Can't wait to try the brands listed above when I travel and find them in better equipped bars and liquor stores. But Wisconsin would seem to be the ideal market for Armagnac. Between here and Minnesota, we drink more brandy than any other states in the union. I think it is our German heritage.

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