All the Reasons You Should Be Drinking Apple Brandy and Applejack

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  • fordsamantha.6b62 posted 1 year ago

    Lovely article- but you missed Arkansas Black Applejack from the Bay Area. It is truly delicious stuff- 2 years in French oak 1 year in new American bourbon cask. 98 proof. Gutsy as hell and elegant at the same time.

  • Christopher Carlsson posted 1 year ago

    There are a number of distillers here in (further) upstate New York such as Apple Country Spirits ( who make an Overproof (125) and a 2 year old version of their applejack and Glen Rose Distilling who make a nice applejack also among many other products

  • tevya5yahoocom508879273 posted 1 year ago

    It would be great with fine game.

  • naibun staog posted 1 year ago

    Because there are so many freakin apples this year. If they are not eaten, drunk or whatever, they will rot.

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