An Apple a Day

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  • Professional Drinker posted 5 years ago

    When I was in college and working at a liquor store we had both Lairds AppleJack and Calvados... when looking for an apple brandy almost everyone laughed if we suggested applejack. It's a cheaper alternative but people have their minds set. That was 10 years ago though so we'll see how things end up. When I'm behind the bar or whipping up recipes for my Blog/Business I've used the AppleJack from time to time.

  • Mary Withrow posted 5 years ago

    Let my know Terry, what you think of it, I would like to try it too. The name is catchy! lol. Great Article

  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    Man,I really like the name of this stuff! AppleJack.That sounds good enough to start drinking it.Wonder if it really tastes like apples?The only way to tell is to have some.Just right out of the bottle,I guess? Gotta try it now!!! From Tucson,Arizona,you'll BE SAFE,and,don't drink and drive.

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