10 American Bars and Restaurants with Amazing Bourbon Collections

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  • Skybot posted 3 months ago

    Make a trip to Medford Oregon. We have hundreds of bottles of whiskey here at Jefferson Spirits!

  • quasarkitten posted 7 months ago

    The Fountainhead in Chicago also has a huge collection. They aren't really a great place for amazing cocktails, but they know their whiskey and have great food. Love Franklin Room too!

  • carpevino posted 1 year ago

    Check our Husk, in Nashville. A great collection of very old rare Bourbon, and a great environment.

  • carpevino posted 1 year ago

    Check our Husk, in Nashville.

  • chris.1572af3 posted 2 years ago

    Great to see so many "Whiskey" bars/restaurants listed. Being a Louisvillian, it is great to see The Silver Dollar among the Top 10. However, the best & broadest selection of Bourbon in Louisville is found at The Tasting Room at Westport Whiskey & Wine. Over 270 different #Bourbons available to taste. Just thought the author, Kara Newman, might like to know.

  • Liberty posted 2 years ago

    What a great list! There's surely the well-known bars on this list to heap upon their already well-deserve good press.

    Here at Liberty, we've been collecting great whisk(e)y for almost a decade now. We have long since had over 300+ quality bottles of American whiskey, much of it dating back to pre-prohibition, now long defunct distilleries, and a 50+ cocktail list, many being American whiskey, both classics and house-created.

    It's great now, after so many years, working with our customers to have them look over a back bar for the ever-expanding list of quality American to see articles like this celebrate such great whiskey.

  • dancepig posted 2 years ago

    too bad you didn't mention the Blue Grass Tavern in Lexington, Kentucky. More than 350 bottles of Whiskey, most of them Bourton, and all of the bartenders we met knew where they were located, where they came from and interesting information about the distillery. http://www.thebluegrasstavern.com
    I call this Tavern - Nirvana

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