Alex Day on How to Manage Multiple Bars at Once

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  • zake posted 11 months ago

    good post

  • moss.robert.c917c74 posted 11 months ago

    This doesn't really explain how he runs multiple bars. I bartend in Minneapolis and have worked under Toby Maloney at the original Bradstreet in the graves hotel while he was managing the Violet Hour in Chicago, and the Patterson House in Tennessee. He was very adiment about seasonality, freshness of juice, technique, etc. He made sure to do quarterly training and continues to expand his involvement with Pouring Ribbons in NY.

    Here in Minneapolis I now bar manage under Jesse Held, one of the hardest working bar men in the industry. He is the man behind Parlour, Borough, Monello, and Constantine in Minneapolis. He makes a point to educate his staff weekly, develop new cocktails, and support his staff.

    Managing bars across country would definitely have its challenges and it would be awesome to hear more about how Alex handles the travel and who he has working on the front line of those bars. When, and if, they all meet. And how he stays relevant in an ever changing world of cocktails.

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