Root Beer With Booze? Yes Please!

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  • mclaughlindesignaolcom14962966 posted 11 months ago

    The "Root Sellers" - Row Hard Root Beer I have in my fridge, purchased a week ago was brewed in Weston Missouri where it was originally contract brewed by the Weston Brewing Company. I know that the company purchased a micro brewery in Columbia Missouri about a year ago. According to their website and as far as I know the company is still brewed and owned in Missouri and not Memphis. I suppose some product could have been contract brewed in Memphis.

    And by the way, Row Hard Root Beer is wheat and gluten free according to their brewmaster and their website.

  • plhs.superfine.79.reunion.b35e871 posted 12 months ago

    Coney Island is available in cans too here in NJ. Interesting you say NYFs is the most widely distributed, because hardly any places here in Jersey had it last summer. If so, it was in such small qtys, it flew off the shelf and that was it.

    So - when I went to the store, they told me about the Coney Island. The cashier said they did a tasting and that NYFs was more syrupy and less carbonated while Coney Island was more carbonated and a little less sweet. Well, I can't imagine sweeter and less fizzy than the Coney Island I bought, so I was very happy. Have since tried NYFs and we did a blind taste test with friends. Everyone preferred - and I'm addicted to - Coney Island. P.S. Before Sam's parent co bought it, you couldn't find ANY Coney Island beer around here without going to Coney Island. Haven't tried the others because I can't find them. Also, was surprised by friends how many people don't like root beer!

  • puckandygmailcom117025243 posted 12 months ago

    @andrewjdavis they are unlikely to be gluten free but it also depends on which glutens are worse for you. This is essentially just a mild dark beer with root beer extract. It can be home brewed pretty easy, allowing you to choose a grain you tolerate.

  • magnusscaverizonnet1026918311 posted 12 months ago

    Best dam root beer is defiantly not the best in fact one I never try again as I agree it sucked but I do like Not ur Father's but have not tried the others yet

  • andrewjdavishotmailcom60038546 posted 12 months ago

    My question is how many of these are gluten-free? I drink cider because I have celiacs disease and I would love to be able to switch things out with some hard rootbeer if possible.

  • ghattas.159316 posted 12 months ago

    Fun article, but can we at least get an honorable mention for Root liquor which is absolutely delicious over ice or with cold soda?

  • raykendy40229gmailcom814498878 posted 12 months ago

    Best damn Root Beer is horrible. ..Not ur Father's and Coney Island are good

  • Michael Ferguson posted 12 months ago

    With due respect, both Best Damn Root Beer and Not Your Father's Root Beer also come in cans. At least here in New York State.

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