A Sad “Adios” to the Most Interesting Man

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  • banditdog76aolcom313180319 posted 2 months ago

    Do you really choose your beer based on the commercial? I think Dos Equis nailed it. The time was right.

  • kellicaudillgmailcom466421339 posted 2 months ago

    Nothing against the new guy but he has nothing on Mr. Goldsmith. The commercials were fun and even better because he was an older gentleman and shows you can be sexy and interesting at any age. I hope Mr. Goldsmith finds a great gig and we get to see him again.

  • Winterhawk posted 2 months ago

    As a fairly interesting 70 year vet, I will tell you I have drunk my LAST Dos Equis. No one can replace Mr. Goldsmith, especially the jerkweed they are using today. Adios Dos Aquis! From now on when I reach for a beer, it will be Corona or Shiner Bock.

  • cash_prophets_8608 posted 2 months ago

    The new guy is creepy....get the old guy back.....did you see what happened to colonal sanders?...it's just like remaking Scarface...leave it be!.

  • debdeb224 posted 2 months ago

    Very poor decision...Mr. Goldsmith was a distinguished spokesman for your brand. I looked forward to the new commercials. His replacement has ruined "the most interesting" storyline. I do not even watch your commercials any longer...I turn the channel. What a shame, what a BAD marketing decision:-(

  • wesak posted 2 months ago

    The saddest is that the replacement is not that interesting, so how can he be the most interesting? Not a good selection. How can you replace a legend? By creating another one. Bring someone with the sex appeal, smart looks--years and all--of Mr. Goldsmith.

  • Firefox77 posted 2 months ago

    When I saw that they replaced him. I stopped drinking their beer. The new one is so boring. He has zero charisma

  • drldonna.3aad3a posted 2 months ago

    Mr. Goldsmith was one of the sexiest looking men that I have ever seen. I could not take my eyes off of him when the commercials were on. This new guy can not even come close to Goldsmith.
    You made a bad mistake replacing him with an ugly dirty looking odd ball. Bring back Goldsmith.
    Goodbye Dos Equis.

  • HanaT posted 2 months ago

    Does "interesting" mean boring and dull in some other language? It is almost as if the makers of these new commercials tried to make the new guy appear lackluster and weak. Do they want us to beg for the REAL Most Interesting Man in the World to return, kind of like when they changed the formula of Coca-Cola?

  • reneepearmanhotmailcom68322783 posted 2 months ago

    MY GAWD PEOPLE lighten up; it's just a friggin' beer advertisement. Nobody shot JR. The new guy is just fine, I think he's cute in his own manly way and I'm sure as hell no millennial.

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