A Double Shot

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Recipes: Sangrita
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  • Ignacio Taboada posted 6 years ago

    Almost 25 years ago was my first time in México DF.
    I met Sangrita. So good it tasted to me that I compiled about 20 recipes of Sangrita by different barmen. Synthesis of them:
    8 oz Tomato juice
    3 oz kétchup
    ½ cup Campbel´s Tomato soup
    1½ oz Lime juice
    .5 tsp Tabasco Sauce
    1 tsp legitimate Worcestershire sauce
    1 pinch Salt
    1 pinch Freshly ground black pepper
    Glass: Shot
    Add all the ingredients to a small pitcher and stir. Refrigerate for at lest 3 hours before serving. Don´t put ice in it.

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