8 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Gin

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  • opinionated.alchemist.1f0d posted 11 months ago

    I think, even this article cements a lot of misconceptions about gin.

    First: gin is to drink in a cocktail. Yes - in the US gin became popular as mixing spirit - which was especially during the prohibition even fortified (gin was able to be easily produced "clandestine" - but not good enough to drink straight) - however long before in England, it was probably consumed without being mixed - and it can be delicious just on the rocks with a twist of a squeeze of lime or lemon...

    The price tag is also very controversial: while really cheap gin (which you don't wanna drink) is really inferior (so called cold infused gins, which use essential oils instead of distilling "real" botanicals), yet the price isn't really an indicator for quality. Yes - there are expensive botanicals, but they are not used in such a quantity that their price really impacts the selling price. There is the alcohol content which has a little impact in the selling price (less alcohol=less cost and less taxes) - but most of the time gins are very profitable and the selling price is based on their market research / marketing. There are exceptions, were the production method (e.g. vacuum distillation) really increases massively the cost - but let's face it - these production methods and ingredients make a different type of gin, but not necessary a much better gin.

  • labmother6yahoocom552963700 posted 11 months ago

    Queen's Courage. 'nuff said....

  • gman12859rocketmailcom98703191 posted 11 months ago

    Great article - I have found a gin made in Texas that is wonderful!!! Greenhouse Gin - cucumber - acai berry, smooth, different and reasonably priced. A good tonic and this is the bomb!

  • 2144tonawandard.9267 posted 11 months ago

    After making the rounds through Scotch and Bourbon I always find myself circling back to gin. Just discovered a cocktail called the Monarchy from Bols while in Amsterdam that uses their Geniever and Elderflower Liqueur together with fresh lemon juice and mint leaves. Quite delicious and refreshing going into spring and summer. Gin wins!

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