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  • Liquor.com posted 4 years ago

    Hi Stephen--
    Thanks for your comment. Though it's made using cognac as a base, Cherry Marnier is definitely a liqueur; it is sweetened, while cognac is not. Because it's so sweet, it's not really designed to be sipped by itself. It's best used in cocktails. But if you do want to drink it solo, we'd recommend chilling it first. (And even though your Cherry Marnier may be old, the spirit itself doesn't mature once it's in the bottle.)

  • Stephen R Korup posted 4 years ago

    Hello ,
    I was wondering if you could ask Mr Flavien Desoblin of the Brandy Library how to treat something such as "Cherry Marnier" when drinking it straight . When it's Young and I guess I can consider it "OLD" , I say that because I have two bottles that I believe to be from between the mid 60's to the early 70's. These two bottles are covered in Red Velvet and no Date can be found on them .
    Now I Know Cherry Marnier is a Mixture of Cognac and the Cherries that have been Smashed together with their Stones to get every bit of the best of that Fruit ,and then it's Classified as a Liqueur . My opinion is that it's still a Cognac , I would greatly Appreciate Your Respected Opinion .

    Very Respectfully Yours

    Stephen R Korup

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