Are You Smarter Than Your Bartender?

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  • poorboy831 posted 3 weeks ago

    Cake walk

  • ShogunBigguns posted 2 months ago

    Let's see....I am a PhD. candidate in NeuroPhysiology. Dissertation rough draft due May '17. So I can hold my own w/ the Rice U. profs that play NTN every damn day.

  • Cibel posted 2 months ago

    Fun site! Will enjoy.

  • laucjecris04 posted 4 months ago

    working in a bar is a passion, it's like you are on the stage and performing the best one you ever had..

  • ofdemedia.f4c33 posted 5 months ago

    Is good to join you guys,today is my first day of joining you.I'm also a bartender

  • catie.akopov posted 5 months ago

    For those living in NYC, i recommend you download FullGlass - I get 3-4 free drinks every week

  • catie.akopov posted 5 months ago

    I totally agree with the post. Nice places to check out. The author should check out FullGlass - the app which gets you unlimited BOGO drinks

  • khataroo posted 6 months ago

    working a bar is an art

  • 1macdanny posted 6 months ago

    Meeting people and making drinks is the fun part about being a bartender. I always ask my bartenders what is the first thing you need to do when you walk behind the bar? ( ice the well )

  • harihmcs posted 7 months ago

    so i can be a bartender..

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